Rider Transit is committed to providing the best experience as possible for our passengers. Our amenities include bus stops, bus stop shelters, seats, solar lighting, trash cans, complimentary WiFi, and our Passio GO mobile app.  All vehicles, as well as the Rider Transit Center, offer complimentary access to WiFi so passengers can keep their lives moving while Rider keeps them moving.

Bus stop

Rider Transit currently has over 260 unique bus stops strategically located throughout the Concord and Kannapolis area, making transit more accessible, comfortable, and convenient for all passengers. Each stop is clearly marked with distinct Rider Transit bus stop signage. Each bus stop sign indicates the bus route of that location.

Approximately eleven percent of Rider Transit’s bus stops currently include a bus stop shelter. For the convenience of the passengers, Rider Transit shelters have route maps and schedules, seating, solar lighting, and trash receptacles. Rider Transit is in the process of implementing a bus stop amenities improvement program. Following the successful completion of this program, nearly thirty percent of Rider Transit bus stops will have a bus stop shelter and/or seat.

Passio GO mobile app icon

Rider Transit’s new Passio GO mobile bus tracking app allows you to see where your bus is in real time and provides an estimated arrival time for your bus stop. The app allows users to:

  • Track and view bus routes
  • Select individual routes and favorite routes and stops
  • Navigate to specific stops or follow an individual bus
  • See schedule information
  • See the next bus arriving and details about that stop location
  • Receive alerts and directly provide feedback
  • See bus load percentages

Download the Passio GO app free of charge from Google Play or the App Store today!

Rider Transit understands the need to remain digitally connected, and we want you to be able to that while you’re riding with us or waiting at our Transit Center. Complimentary WiFi is now available on all of our vehicles and inside the Rider Transit Center.

All of Rider Transit’s bus shelters are outfitted with solar lighting panels. The panels will absorb sunlight during the day, and keep the shelters well-lit at night. This helps improve safety and security for passengers taking the bus after dark.

Rider Transit is committed to maintaining the cleanliness of our communities. We’ve made trash cans available near all shelters and many bus stops along each route.