Happy Transit Operator Appreciation Day!

Transit Operator Appreciation Day is an annual event to celebrate the service of public transit operators. The date of March 18th was selected to commemorate the world’s first bus line, which was started in Paris, France on March 18th, 1662. Our 24 Bus Operators drive 8 bus routes covering 2,215 miles each weekday, and 1,762 miles on the weekends, 359 days a year, while our 5 ADA Paratransit Operators drive unique, custom routes each day, covering hundreds of additional miles. Combined, they provide more than 425,000 passenger trips each year, many of those being for essential workers (like our Bus and Paratransit Operators themselves).

Being a Transit Operator is tough job, but our Rider Transit Operators make it look easy! Life as a Transit Operator has never been more challenging than during the last 2+ years of the COVID-19 pandemic. While many people had jobs that allowed them to adapt and work from home, that wasn’t an option for Rider Transit’s team of amazing Operators. They rolled out service every day, 7 days a week, ensuring that those essential workers and others in our community had a safe, reliable way to get to and from work. In addition to work trips, our Transit Operators provide a mobility lifeline for those who needed transportation to buy groceries, go to medical appointments, get to the pharmacy, attend school or access other vital services.

For the majority of Rider Transit customers, we are their primary means of transportation, and we wouldn’t be taking anyone anywhere with out fantastic team of Bus and Paratransit Operators. Join us in celebrating our hard-working Transit Operators – there are several ways to show your gratitude and support!

  • Bring a card or personal note and hand it to your Operator
  • Say “Hello!”, “Good Morning!”, or “Good Afternoon! when you board, and a hearty “Thank You!” when you get off the vehicle
  • Post to Facebook or Tweet a photo of yourself at the bus stop or relaxing on the bus, using the #TDAD and #ckridertransit hashtags and tagging us